Copy Cat or Reverse Engineering?

I recently completed 12 of 12 AWS Cloud Quest scenario/lab-based exercises. It was a lot of fun for me, both from a cloud/technical learning perspective and also from an eLearning design perspective.

I enjoyed the Solutions Center UX/UI so much, that I decided to reverse engineer the experience using Articulate Storyline. It’s still a work in progress, but dang what a fun exercise. I really enjoy trying to re-create work I see online: eLearning, flat graphics, websites, etc. It’s a good way to keep learning, cultivate creativity, and challenge myself to keep trying new things.

For obvious reasons, and to utilize my cloud computing knowledge. I of course decided to host this sample using an AWS S3 Bucket 🙂

Note: I didn’t actually include any technical videos in the video concepts section, but rather a live performance of a friend’s band I live-streamed during the pandemic.

#articulatestoryline #aws #elearningdesign


Published by Mat Beecher

I enjoy leadership, conflict resolution, organizational health, talent management, adult learning theory, eLearning, and technology. I hold a Master's degree in International Negotiation and Dispute Resolution with a focus on Organizational Leadership. I currently work for an eLearning company and recruit IT instructors. I love Articulate Storyline, Captivate, Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, and PowerPoint, and use them to design interactive learning modules, graphics, and learning experiences. In my free time, I learn online, blog, develop content, disc golf, camp, and travel.

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